Business Software Development

Pixel Components is an independent software developer that specialises in developing high quality custom software by appointment with its customers. Much of this work is extremely market sensitive and is covered by confidentiality agreements and cannot be described here.

Pixel also identifies market opportunities and develops software "on spec" which it supplies under a royalty agreement to industry solution suppliers for distribution to their end users.

Our Clients

MYOB, a global provider of accounting and practice management software to public practice accounting firms is one of our major clients.

Other clients range from huge global corporations to small SME businesses that require customised applications to suit their specific needs. Examples include Ausdef, a friendly society that uses our fund management software and an accounting practice that uses our insolvency management software.

Experience & Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is to work together as a team, drawing on the diverse talents, skillsets and experiences of our team members - each one having nearly 30 years experience developing software systems and applications. Our ability to work closely as a team allows us to quickly design and develop highly effective solutions of exceptional quality and creativity.

Initiated in 1986 and later incorporated as Pixel Components Pty Ltd in 1997, we operate out of office premises in Brisbane, Australia.